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's something in here for everybody. the republicans are saying this isn't good enough and the economy is at a standstill. democrats are saying look, we want to build on the progress that we're making. and so it is slow, but steady progress here and i think you have to look at some of the internal numbers here, 500,000 new people joined the labor force in the last month and look at these revisions over the previous months, in august, they revised from 142,000 jobs gained to 192,000 jobs gained. in september revised from 114,000 to 148,000 jobs gained. so big increases in the past month and that reflects a trend of jobs increasing in this country across the board. >> as a dorky bls question for you, which is the revision of these numbers, first of all, that's a pretty significant revision in august from 142 to 192,000 jobs. and even september, 114,000 to 148,000 jobs. are those kind of revisions traditional? i mean is that usually what happens when be we look at -- we're scrutinizing these numbers in a way we wouldn't be in 2011 and 2010 but are jumps like that normal? >> they are. you
is shut down. depending on what model you look at, sandy could cost the economy billions. we will examine the financial fallout when cnbc's an drew ross sorkin joins the panel next on "now." [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up to bring you a low-priced medicare prescription drug plan. ♪ with a low national plan premium... ♪ ...and copays as low as one dollar... ♪ ...saving on your medicare prescriptions is easy. ♪ so you're free to focus on the things that really matter. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. or go to for details. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. >>> while officials are primarily focused on rescue efforts and restoring power to the 7 million people without it they are also starting to assess the catastrophic economic consequences of hurricane sandy. disaster modeling company e
up stats about what likely voters think of the candidates. in terms of the economy, 52% of ohio likely voters say it's getting better, 17% say worse, 30% say staying the same. 52% is not a bad number for the president. >> it's not a bad number and ohio is key as we know. to go to your first question of what does sandy mean. it means a lot more in kind of a raw economic sense to the east coast than the rest of the country. it makes the president look presidential. and it underscores that point i mentioned previously about big government or bigger government or a government. >> some government. >> some nonprivate sector thing. >> and i really do think that that's been an underpinning of this campaign. do we want -- do we feel we need to pitch in together, want a government helping us or willing to go it alone. it underscores that point. >> i -- 52% of the state saying it's getting better this is the other thing. i don't understand this, maybe one of you do. when asked about who cares about people like you, 62% of ohioans say obama does care, 44% say romney cares. does not care oba
on families and the impact on our first responders. i'm worried about the impact on our economy. and on transportation. you know, the election will take care of itself next week. right now, our number one priority is to make sure that we are saving lives, that our search and rescue teams are going to be in place, people will get the food, the water, the shelter that they need in case of emergency and that we respond as quickly as possible to get the economy back on track. >> what kind of -- [ inaudible ]. >> that was president obama at the white house issuing a stern warning to americans about the severity of the storm. hurricane sandy traveling, of course, up the east coast. you know, lawrence, you listen to the president and think about the magnitude of this storm, the millions without power this is the end of the election. this is what is going to be dot nom dant narrative. >> the campaign could be functionally over as we know it. the aftermath could easily go on into saturday and there isn't -- the sunday, monday before the tuesday election is usually just a certain kind of
on three ideas. one is that the economy would be so bad that they wouldn't have to have a plan of their own. that didn't prove to be the case. the numbers have been ticking up at exactly the wrong moment for them. the second was a whole philosophy about big government. sandy really hurt them there because that was a big government moment if ever there was one. and the third is they could just outspend the president by an incredible margin. when you look at how close the president is to matching their money, even though he lost wall street by something like five to one, that's remarkable. he basically neutralized one of their main campaign strategies by being able to do that. >> and you have to wonder how all the lunatic conservatives spending their millions on this are going to feel if their guy doesn't end up winning? let's be honest. that wouldn't seem like the best investment. but what do i know? >>> good morning romney is getting ready to hold a campaign rally with his wife ann. here is a look at colorado springs where the republican nominee is expected to speak in just a moment. we'll
, don't worry. new jersey's slipping. its economy's not doing bem christie was not a shoo-in before this. >> right. >> and it's not clear yet that he's going to get big props from voters for the way he handled this. he did well in the first few days but in my neighborhood people don't have any power. >> right. it's not over yet. >> if it takes weeks to get power back on, if there are other problems, then people are going to react harshly to chris christie. >> that tells you why the optics are so important. >> it might not help the president so much if on monday there's not some signs of a little bit of progress if people are getting angry and frustrated. >> karen finney is still stuck in hours of traffic. >> it's a huge parse for him. in a fluid situation you never know. >> goodness. let me just say, jonathan, to your point, it is not over. and this is a developing situation and it's very serious situation. and there are a lot of people in need and, again, the toll has been extraordinary. so, you know, we shouldn't try to tie this up with a bow when we talk about political optics. >> and
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)